FluffyCo is an independent lifestyle brand. We design and produce useful, mindfully–made goods for people who want to feel good about what they’re buying.

We are inspired by nature, art, San Francisco, and the world.

FluffyCo was founded in 2005 by creative director Paulina Berczynski and has grown to a small full time staff, supported by our in-house interns and our many small, independent manufacturing partners..

We value resourcefulness, community, honesty and the environment. We believe there is value in doing it yourself, or working with your neighbors and friends. We are into making things, and making things happen. We produce things with local and family–owned businesses, or by hand in our studio, whenever we can.

You can find our products online and in indpendent shops across the United States and abroad. Our studio is based in San Francisco, CA.

Thanks for your interest in FluffyCo & thanks for your support!